Chicken Chateau, 2011-2012

After being laid off from Lockheed-Martin and spending the winter of 2010 unemployed, I finally found work with a statewide building materials outfit, Ellsworth Builders Supply. Not nearly the wages I was getting with L-M, but honest work.

Been wanting to tear down some old "temporary" sheds and build a good building to act as a combination tool shed and chicken coop, so I took advantage of the employee discount and came up with this starting in September of 2011:

I hired the slab poured, much quicker that way. Sills laid out, showing the chicken coop portion in the front left
Framed up and partially sheathed, showing front sliding door framing. Done sheathing, showing door to chicken coop
Bottom 2 feet of coop area are sheathed with treated plywood against rot Interior shot showing coop partition and storage mezzanine
Framing the roof. Had some help here too. Purlins for tin roofing
Installing metal roofing. Much quicker than composition roofing.. Done hanging tin.
Here's where I quit for the winter in 2011 Spring/Summer of 2012 saw the addition of a shed roof on the South side, and applying the cedar shingles.

The shed roof and some fill gives us a shady place to process chickens. Better than setting up a canopy every year. A view of the West end with shingling complete and rough landscaping done.

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