A visit to "The County"

A cyber friend of mine, Curt Raymond, who lives and works in Massachusetts, has inherited part of the original family farm in Caribou, Maine. That's in Aroostook County, known throughout the State o' Maine as "The County".

I had an old IH Model 39 Rollover plow that I don't have tractor enough to haul. I'd always wanted to see The County, and Curt wanted the plow, so I loaded it up and hauled it up to him over Memorial Day weekend, 2002.

This is typical scenery around Caribou. Big potato and broccoli farming country

The "camp" that is tucked away in one corner of the farm

Curt's wife, Angie trying her luck in the pond at the camp. That water is as clear as crystal

Angie taking a turn driving the Super M

Curt trying out the plow

I think we may have created a monster...

The plow "rolling over" at the end of a pass

Of course, I had to get a little stick time on the Super M too

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