What I Believe

I believe that Political Correctness and The God-Given Right to be Offended by Everything (which may be different names for the same thing, come to think of it) are society's equivalent of Osteoporosis of the Spine. If we don't (re)develop enough backbone to tell folks "Feel free to be offended if you like, but this is what I think" then we'll be on our knees before we know it.

I believe that religion has no place in politics and government, and vice versa. I believe that a person's religious beliefs are their own business, and they should be allowed to practice them without any interference and in any place at any time.

I believe that "that government governs best which governs least". For example, abortion is another very personal issue, and the government should have nothing to do with it, neither banning nor providing funding for it.

I believe that government price subsidies artificially support businesses which are poorly run and should be allowed to fail through their own incompetence. (Survival of the fittest). I know we're forced into it to a certain extent because other countries give their businesses an unfair advantage through their own subsidies.

I believe that the technology exists and should be put in place to form a truly democratic government, with one person-one vote. The system of representatives and senators is not working. They heed Golden Rule: Them with the gold makes the rules. They should ALL be run out of town. After the 2016 Presidential Election, I have re-thought my position on "true democracy". Two things, one of which I knew and failed to consider: We're not a Democracy, we're a Representative Republic. Second, the Electoral College saved our ass this time around. If it had been a simple majority of the voting public, the Idiots would have won and the inmates would be running the asylum.

I believe the Legislative process is a joke, and should be modified to a One Bill, One Goal, One Vote process. Riders (ie congressional pay raises and pork barrel legislation) would be outlawed. You got something you want enacted, it stands on it's own two feet, or it dies. Period.

I believe the Legal system is suffering from terminal cancer, and the name of that cancer is lawyers. I believe every case should have to undergo a review before it can be taken to court. Frivolous cases get thrown out, and the persons who brought them are billed for the costs involved.

I believe Big Business CEOs are grossly overpaid and incompetent. They cut the throat of workers, strip the company of assets and build a shoddy product to create an artificially impressive bottom line for the stockholders, then grab their bonus and run.

I believe this country's fascination with professional sports is a sickness. No human being is capable of doing anything that is worth 20 million dollars a year. Sports "heros" are criminals, druggies, rapists and sex maniacs, and not worthy of our children's consideration, much less adulation.

I believe that our Educational system is headed down the path to destruction. There is no discipline in the schools. Parents won't control their children, teachers aren't allowed to, and school boards are so scared of lawyers (see above) that they won't even discuss the problem. Our curricula have been dumbed down to the point where a significant percentage of high school graduates would have major problems passing a end-of-year test for a 5th grader from the 50's. Junior is passed from grade to grade with his peers, so as not to damage his fragile self-esteem. Colleges are more about agreeing with your professor and parroting his/her opinions than learning anything.

I believe this country's emphasis on material posessions, instant gratification and artificially inflated self-esteem are the at roots of the growing level of anger and violence among our young people. I believe happiness comes from within, and if you DECIDE to be happy, you can be just as happy on $16,000 a year as you can on $160,000 a year.

I believe socialism is wrong. I believe that it's wrong to tax the successful to provide funds to support the lazy. I believe spending tax money to create institutions and enforce laws to protect people from their own stupidity is polluting the gene pool.

I believe all this emphasis on "diversity" is misguided. We should concentrate on unity, and being Americans, not hyphenated Americans. I believe the national language is English, and if you want to live here and be successful here, you should speak it. If I moved to your country, I'd expect to learn your language.

I believe a lot of other things, but even I realize they are too radical to be acceptable, and keep them to myself. And in spite of all the above, I believe this country is the best thing going at the moment.

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